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RPCF3-16-D Reactive Power Auto Compensation Controller

1.      Introduction
1.1  About user manual
This User Manual is designed to help you for quick understand the installation, debugging, working parameter and menu operation of series RPCF reactive power auto compensation controllers. Before installation and operation please read this section very carefully.
1.2  Usage Scope
RPCF3 series are dynamic reactive power auto compensation controllers is suitable for automatically adjusting of low voltage distribution system capacitor compensating device to make power factor get user’s predetermined state, increase the utilization efficiency of power transformer, reduce line loss, and improve the voltage quality of power supply.
2.      Function and Characteristics
2.1  Accounting switch on and switch off capacitance by the fundamental wave reactive power may avoid any form switch on and switch off vibration, and be able to demonstrate the electrical network power factor correctly under the harmonic wave situation.
2.2  High measuring accuracy of power factor, wide display scope.
2.3  Real time display total power factory (PF) and fundamental wave power factor (DPF).
2.4  Real time display voltage distortion current distortion rate.
2.5  There are five codes output types for user’s selection.
2.6  16 loop output at most.
2.7  Friendly human-computer interface, easy to operate.
2.8  Various controlling parameter whole digit tunable, easy to operate.
2.9  Two working modes of auto running and manual running.
2.10  Over-voltage and under-voltage protective function.
2.11  Voltage harmonic wave over norm protective function.
2.12  Data cannot loss as it has breaking power supply protective function.
2.13  Current signal switch on impedance is lower ≤0.01Ω.
3.      Service Condition
3.1  Not over altitude 2500M.
3.2  Ambient temperature -25℃~+50℃.
3.3  Air humidity is less than 50% at 40℃ and less than 90% at 20℃.
3.4  Working in the medium which not any corrosive gas, electric conduction dust inflammable and explosive matters.
3.5  The installation site without shrewd vibration.
4.      Technical Data
4.1  Rated working voltage: AC 380V or AC 220V
4.2  Rated working current: AC0~5A
4.3  Rated working frequency: 45Hz~65Hz
4.4  Display power factor: Lag0.001~lead 0.001
4.5  Measuring reactive power: 0~9999kvar
4.6  Measuring active power: 0~9999 kw
4.7  Under-voltage protective &#118alue: AC300V or AC180V
4.8  Output contact capacitance: AC220V, 7A
4.9  Sensitivity: 20mA
4.10  Complete machines consumed power: 10vA
4.11  Overall dimension: 138mm*138mm
4.12  Display: 4-position red nixie tube
4.13  Installation Mode: Inserting type installation rear gear accessories fixed or guide rail installation.
4.14  Connection Mode: Socket connecting terminal screw fasten
4.15  Protection Class: Enclosure IP 40
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