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Model: JYS-05 Export Type Multi-Function Power Instrument
Size :                Panel dimension:96×96mm
                Hole cutout dimension:91×91mm
Features:  Adopt 3 way 5 rows LED to in charge of showing the commonly used electric consumption parameter by switching over.Under rated voltage reference frequency.and cos∮=1.0 when the Load operating current is 0.001Im.the electric energy meter can start and continous to measure electric energy.when add 115% rated voltage,current loop will disconnect and have no current, and the instrument have no cumulatire electric energy and pulse output.technical specification parameter:
1.input signal
Electric power network: single-phase three-phase—three-wire   three-phase—three wire
input voltage
Rated &#118alue:AC 100V 220V 380V
Over-load:1.2times rated &#118alue(continued), 2 times rated &#118alue (10S)
Watt-loss: ﹤0.1VA(pieces/per)
Impedance: ﹥200K
2.Auxiliary power: AC、DC  80-270 V
(1)24 display adopt 4 ways 3 rows LED display, electric parameter display of power meter is a actual &#118alue that the first tested electrical parameter by PT、CT, ( that is, voltage =voltage transformation ratio PT X input voltage &#118alue, current= current transformation ratio CT X input current &#118alue,  display power= power &#118alue X voltage transformation ratio X current transformation ratio).It`s can switch display voltage through the shift key on the panel (at this time, the first display indicator light) the contents displayed by the first row LED, sencond row LED, third row LED representing the UA, UB, UC or UAB, UBC,UCA`s readings respectively,The unit.V.indicator or M light representing KV or MV, display current ( at this time, the second indicator light) the contents displayed by the first row LED,second row LED, third row LED representing IA , IB, IC`s readings. The unit is A.indicator K or M light representing KA and MA .Display power( at this time,the second display indicator light) the contents displayed by the first row LED, second row LED,third row LED representing P, Q respectively, the unit is W, VAR. Indicator K or M light representing KW,Kvar and Mw,Mvar。Energy display adopt the first row LED, sencond row LED display( such as the first row display 278.1, the sencond row display 5995,and the power is 278.1599) the unit is                                                    (2 )Communication: Serial communication channel is Rs485, baud rate 4800/9600 can be set, communication protocol adopt MobBus communication protocol.

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