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JM B ,B JZ ,D G ,B Z

JM B ,B JZ ,D G ,B Z
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JM B ,B JZ ,D G ,B Z Series illumination transformers:


JMB, BJZ, DG, BZ Series Illumination Transformer for AC 50Hz, voltage 500V and below the circuit, machine tools and other equipment as a partial power lights. JMB, BJZ, DG, series transforme r is a transformer by the BK series and protective shell composition, shell on both sides have for the input power and load used for terminal wiring and grounding for the grounding screw used; BZ-type lighting transformer by BK-50, BK-100 Control Transformer, LS3-2-type main switch and the composition of the protective housing, so that in the main switch is equipped with fuses for the protection of lighting circ uits, power supply from the equipment Have the main switch so that one end of the film Office, the introduction of dust, through the switch to connect the main and sub-off lights.

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