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JKW2B reactive power auto-compensation controller

A) General Description
  The reactive power auto-compensation controller is the auxiliary product for low voltage capacitor screen. According to the different demands of users, our company developed successfully the JKL1B, JKG2B, JKGF, JKL5C, JKL8C, JKW5C, and JKW8C intelligent series of controller; Number of the channels controlled is 2,4,6,8,10 and 12 available. All of these devices are controlled by the microcomputer. With the advanced technology, they have complete range of functions, rather strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable operation, accurate compensation and novel appearance, so they are the preferred products of capacitor screen manufacturers.
    B) Service Conditions
    ⊙Altitude no higher than 2500M
    ⊙Ambient temperature -5℃~+40℃
    ⊙relative humidity ≤50% at 40℃ and ≤90% at 20℃.
    ⊙No corrosive gas, inductive dust, and inflammable and explosive media in the ambient environment.
    ⊙The mounting position should be protected against violent vibration.


Ⅳ、Main Technical parameter
Ratd working voltage 380V±10%,50Hz 380V±10%,50Hz 220V±10%,50Hz 220V±10%,50Hz
Sampled nput curreent AC, Ii≤5A AC, Ii≤5A AC, Ii≤5A AC, Ii≤5A
Ouput ontact capatity 220V x 5A,380V x 3A 220V x 5A,380V x 3A 220V x 5A,380V x 3A 220V x 5A,380V x 3A
Dielectric AC3000V AC3000V AC3000V AC3000V
Working method Continuous Continuous Continuous Continuous
Swith off thresshold >1.1Ic,1.1Ic >1.1Ic,1.1Ic cosθ< 0.93 cosθ< 0.93
Switching off threshold > 0.5IC > 0.5IC cosθ< 0.98 cosθ< 0.98
Swithching time dalay 1-99s adjustable 10-100s adjustable 10-90s adjustable 40s adjustable
Over voltge protection 400-440V adjustable 400-440V adjustable 230-250V adjustable 230-250V djustable
Phase sequence of sampling singal Automatic identifying Automatic identifying Automatic identifying  
self-checking function yes yes yes yes
Channels controlled 4,6,8,10 4,6,8,10,12 4,6,8,10 4,6,8,10
Overall wattage dissipation 10W 10W 15W 10W
Overall Weiht 1.5kg 1.35kg 1.8kg 1.00kg
size of mounting hole 140 x 102 mm 113 x 113mm 162 x 102 mm 163 x 102mm

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