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HLN full-auto inverted power source

HLN full-auto inverted power source adopting pulse width modulation integrated circuit and imported big power pushing module,The inverted power source offers the featured of quick strain,anti-interference,anti-thun derstruck,steady output voltage frequency,good adaptability and practical ,which can help you to get rid of the trouble of the power failure.

Charging current:determined by the battery capacity,Usually is 10% of the battery capacity.For example,the charging current of 100Am battery is 10A.

It is suitable to provide electicity to domestic appliance,computer,store,wind/solar generator and these areas where often has power interruption.

Technical Index

Rated Power


DC input voltage


Output voltage

110V±10% or 220V±10%

Output frequency

50HZ or 60HZ Corrective sine wave(PWM sqare wave)

Charge input voltage

220V or 110V

Invert frequency


Under-voltage protection

DC 9.0-10.0V/DC12V

Over-voltage protection

DC 14.5-15.0V/DC12V

Under-voltage protection and over-voltage protection of battery with other specifications are multiplied according to 12V

Note:Above each reference points special for normal lead acidbattery.


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