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DZ30F1-32L Residual Current Circuit Breaker (rccb)


1.       N+L 36mm dual arc-extinction system

2.       Rated Voltage: 230V AC

3.       Rated Current: 6 10 16 20 25 32A

4.       Rated Residual Current: 30mA

5.       Surge Protection:280V±15V

6.       Breaking Capacity: 4.5kA

7.       Standard Conformity: IEC:61009-1:1997

8.       Electrical/Mechanical Endurance: 2000(no. of operations)

9.       Type/Series: C (5-10In)  D (10-14In)

10.     Ambient Temperature: 30+5

11.     Tropical Test: Class 2 (relative humidity 95% at 55)

12.     Terminal Capacity(max): 25mm

13.     Mounting: Clip on DIN Rail

14.     Patented in China

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