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DBW/SBW Series

DBW/SBW Series
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DBW/SBW Series full automatic compensated voltage stabilizers
DBW/SBW Series full automatic compensated voltage stabilizers is an energy-saving new product developed by our company absorbing the advanced technology of international same product,with the functions of over/under-voltage protection,delay and error protection.It has advantages of small volume,light weight,large capacity,high efficiency,wide range,high precision,strong protection,without wave-form distortion,reliable operation and easy installation,etc.
Widely used in the fields of post office,store,elevator,hospital,school,publishing house and stock exchange where normal voltage is in need,and also can be used in the factories of large and middle-scale industrial and mining corp,it is very much suitable for some important devices and supporting single machine.

Input voltage

Three-phase four-line system phase voltage:220±20%
line voltage:380±20%,or phase voltage:220±30%
line voltage:380±30%(can be selected.Please specify when ordering)
Single-phase:220±20% or 220±30%(can be selected.Please specify when ordering.)

Output voltage

Phase voltage:220V Single-phase:220V Line voltage:380V

Output voltage accuracy

2-5%(can be adjusted)Frequency:50HZ/60HZ


≥98%(Power grade is over 50KVA)

Ambient temperature


Insulation resistance


Electric intensity

The voltage for electrical strength and power frequency sinusoidal is 2000V without breakdown and flash over when lasts 1minute

Overload Capacity

It can last 1 minute at the rated current of two times

Wave form Distortion

No additional waveform distortion

Protective function

it offers the protections against over voltage,over current,phase shortage and phase-sequence(The single-phase offers no protection against the phase shortage and phase-sequence)and mechanical failure

Response speed

≤1.5s(in the condition that the external voltage changes is 10%)

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